Roger Marsh sits down with
Dennis Wilson of Wilson Financial Services

Dennis Wilson believes it’s not your money!

The Wilson Financial team offers simply better alternatives for your nest egg because they believe the money they manage belongs to God. They have a responsibility to yield a return on your investments that will benefit His kingdom.

After fifty years in the financial planning industry, Dennis Wilson has developed proprietary alternatives to a traditional CD account, yielding six percent returns over a three-year period. His “four dimensional” or “4 D” investment accounts provide unique solutions for long-term care costs while minimizing taxes, compared to your 401K or IRA.

By growing and preserving your wealth, Wilson Financial equips you to bless others.
Roger Marsh, host of The Bottom Line on KCBC, recommended Wilson Financial to his own parents because he trusted Dennis Wilson to manage their resources well.

Ask Wilson Financial about their proprietary CD alternatives.
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Investment advisory services provided by Wilson Financial Advisors, LLC.

Roger Marsh sits down with
Stefanie Cover of Cover Law

Stefanie gets angry when people lie.

Most likely, you will only see the softer side of Stefanie Cover because she protects you from the financial and emotional stress of a jury trial. Because Stefanie has her clients’ best interests at heart, she prefers to settle cases before they go to court.

Because Stefanie has her clients’ best interests at heart, she prefers to settle cases before they go to court. 

Litigation tends to involve additional delays and expenses, so Stefanie expedites the process for your sake.

The gentler approach yields faster, more profitable results nine times out of ten! However, in the rare event that your personal injury case does go to trial, you will see why Stefanie has lasted twenty-five years in a cutthroat industry known for quick burnout.

In the courtroom, Stefanie becomes a warrior for justice. Some attorneys only care about money. Stefanie has a passion for the truth. KBRITE’s Personal Injury Attorney has never lost a jury trial in twenty-five years because she gets angry when someone tries to lie, cheat, and steal from her clients.

Call Stefanie at: 877.214.4935