KBRITE Media Kit

Mission Statement:

We trust You, Jesus, as our Lord and Savior. Thank You for coming to this Earth. We know You are the Son of God, who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day. Thank You for Your forgiveness of our sins and for giving us the gift of eternal life. As we do at KBRITE, every minute of every day, go out and share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world through your very own special ways and means, whatever it takes to gratefully, righteously spread the Gospel. We at KBRITE do the same via our God-given airwaves on AM-740, not only incessantly evangelizing but also for discipleship purposes, constantly equipping the saints about how to effectively tell the world about the real and only Truth.

KBRITE is Southern California’s most established Christian radio station, since 1980, relentlessly promoting Jesus for almost 45 years. Located Orange County, every day, KBRITE delivers to our massive, faithful audiences rich sermons, Godly encouragement, biblical questions and answers, current news and heavily vetted, proven Christian advertisers, all of which requires constant attention and care. Such efforts enable us to safely, wisely teach our listening family about our Lord for them to always think and boldly act as true, uncompromising Believers.

About Us

The Staff:

Our team, primarily composed of Don Jr., Todd, Joel, Theresa, and Crystal, is immensely dedicated to serving Christ and you. IF you can believe it, Don Jr. started in 1989, Todd in 1992. That is a long time. But the whole team and they care very much, is what they are paid to do, and boy do they do it well. Just call us and hear-see for yourself. We are a Team at KBRITE, serving God lovingly and righteously.

Meet The Team

Local Talk Show:

KBRITE was the very first station in the nation to provide local, live, interactive talk programming for Christians and Seekers. Talk From The Heart with Rich Buhler did just that for four hours per day, Monday through Friday, for years. Other stations caught on, and the rest is history. Ensuing hosts gladly took the torch from Rich in the 90s and also did admirable jobs, invariably putting God first in all that he or she said and did.

The Bottom Line was created in the mid-teens, so about ten years ago, which is now our daily afternoon, live, local, interactive flagship program hosted by 35-year radio authority and opinion leader, Roger Marsh, who with a distinctively Christian perspective, drills down into the issues that affect all of us as believers. Often called “hope with a little bit of headline,” The Bottom Line is solution-oriented talk striving to activate listeners to be agents of positive change. Listen to TBL and Roger from 3:30-4:30, every Monday through Friday.

Unapologetically commercially supported, Roger’s program is extremely results-driven, strategically creating a very consumer-minded environment that bolsters measurable, lucrative results for our sponsors. As our KBRITE talk show host, one of Roger’s chief priority is the client’s advertising success, genuinely and aggressively endorsing and professionally adopting his advertising partners both on and off the air. But do not simply take our word for it. Call local Orange County people like Dennis Wilson and Stephanie Cover and ask them yourself. They should quickly and easily endorse their partnerships with us.

National Teachers:

KBRITE remains an outreach tool and a home base for some of the nation’s most respected ministries, such as David Jeremiah, J. Vernon McGee, Charles Stanley, Jay Sekulow, Jack Hibbs and David Hocking. These are and remain some of the best Christian teachers in the world, and we are terribly grateful to have them for so long on the station.

Our Program Schedule

A Family Legacy:

We see our call for the future partly in the roots of our past. Pioneer Christian broadcaster Percy Crawford famously brought the Gospel to millions in the 40s and 50s via radio and television, including a popular national evangelism program on the ABC Network. In the late 50s, as Percy watched the big networks continuously deny more ministries access to network airtime, he founded his own company, Crawford Broadcasting, to purchase his own stations to continue preaching the Gospel without interference or censure. KBRITE was added to the Crawford Broadcasting family in 1980 to offer God and Country-honoring programming for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire. In 2014, AM-1240, KNSN, was also brought into the family, reaching an even broader section of San Diego.

Station Coverage

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