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It was 1992 when, liberal and progressive voices, both secular and religious became loud and shrill, and even dominate. Those same liberals and progressives,...Read More

7/19/21-End Times

Scriptures tell us very clearly, Old and New Testaments that the world in which we live, our beloved planet Earth will END. All we...Read More

07/05/21 – Uncle Tim

He’s black!   That should be a good thing today, but this particular African American also happens to be conservative. I refer to Senator...Read More


We are, America is, the home, the land of the:   BRAVE AND THE FREE.   We are lovers of freedom.  It is, you...Read More

6/14/21 – Father

Two kinds of fathers are there.   The one Heavenly, the other earthly.   The Lord of Glory, the Carpenter of Nazareth said:  ...Read More