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Spiritual Battle

You’re a Christian who’s been injured, so you need Christian attorney Stefanie Cover of Cover law to fight for you.  

With Stefanie, it’s not just a routine legal process; it’s a spiritual battle. She understands that a legal fight involves more than flesh and blood, it means confronting principalities and powers, and that’s why she consistently prays with (and FOR) her clients.  

She forms long-lasting relationships with her clients just as you would expect from someone who engages in spiritual battle alongside another believer.  

Praise for Stefanie pours in through cards, thank you texts and letters from clients who thank her for checking up on them, coming to see them in the hospital, praying, and even finding alternative care when current care is inadequate. 

Inspired by Jesus’ command to love one another, Stefanie uses her skill as an attorney and knowledge of insurance processes to fight for your completeness and healing. 

Reach out to Stefanie today at 877.214.4935 or fill out the form on this page and let Cover Law take it from here.

Stefanie Cover, she knows the other side.

Reach Stefanie now: 877.214.4935
Or visit the Cover Law website.

Reach Stefanie Directly: 877.214.4935

Visit the Cover Law website, or fill out the form above

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

The personal injury and wrongful death services of Cover Law go beyond mere legal representation.

Cover Law recognizes that each client is a person with unique circumstances and we evaluate each case with care and consideration.

They thoughtfully pursue solutions for the client in line with their particular needs;

not just their legal, medical and financial needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs as well.