Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team behind 740 KBRT and 1240 KNSN, committed to bringing you inspiring content and keeping you connected with God’s word throughout the day.


Don Crawford Jr.

General Manager


Roger Marsh

Host of The Bottom Line


Tamara Quimiro

The Bottom Line Show Producer

Jim Wells

Morning Host


Levi Flores

Evening Host


Mike Triem

KBRITE Sales and Crawford Denver GM

Toni Cashman

Sales Manager


Todd Stickler

Operations Manager


Theresa Kim

Marketing & Creative Director

Crystal Castro

Social Media Manager 


Joel Dominguez

Operations Assistant


Budd Arnold

Website Manager 


Travis "TJ" Pander



Heather Hanger

Office Manager


Liz Franzel

Executive Assistant


Don Crawford Jr. - General Manager

Don started right there in 1989… yes, that is a long time ago.

What Don enjoys most about his work is invariably serving and glorifying the person in Jesus, first and foremost. After Him, it is the employees, from Todd, who started in 1992, to Budd, who started in early 2024, both special believers and servants. Couple them with stalwarts like Theresa, Crystal, Joel, Tamara, and Roger, and I can declare categorically that God has truly blessed us with a very strong, God-fearing, God-loving KBRTeam!

Roger Marsh - Host of The Bottom Line

Roger Marsh is a pastor, author and veteran of more than 40 years of broadcasting. Roger is an ordained minister and graduated from the Niagara Lutheran Theological Institute after completing undergraduate studies in Business Administration at Cal State Fullerton and Business Management at Azusa Pacific University.  For more than a decade, Roger served as Assistant Pastor for Lutheran Church of the Cross in South Orange County, California.  He is co-author of the book, Internet Protect Your Kids and has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. speaking to parents about youth and family issues.

Roger and his wife, Lisa, have been blessed with a beautiful, blended family consisting of two sons, four daughters, and three sons-in-law.  In addition, they are the grandparents of six (3 girls and 3 boys).

Along with hosting “The Bottom Line,” Roger has also served as the announcer/studio co-host for Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk since 2016, and has worked as a staff announcer for the FOX television network for more than 30 years.

Tamara Quimiro - The Bottom Line Show Producer

Born and raised in Southern California, I knew I wanted to be in radio broadcasting from the age of 5. My mom would drive me to Burbank, CA and look at the radio and television buildings – that always sparked joy. In high school, I joined a program called Business Academy which helped me get clarity on the different types of businesses in the field I wanted my career to be. From advertising to marketing, I learned it all. I studied and received my AA in Radio Broadcasting with an emphasis in Radio and Television Production at Fullerton College.

While interning for a local radio station in Fullerton, California I was hired in 2015 as Board Operator for The Bottom Line Show with Roger Marsh at KBRT AM 740. One year into my position, I was promoted to Producer of the show. I have been a part of the Crawford family going on 9 years (and counting)! Crawford Media Group has helped me grow my faith in Christ and taught me so many things. It has helped me build relationships, build strength, and given me a family that I cherish every day.

I currently live in Leesburg, Georgia with my husband and my 2 daughters where I continue to produce The Bottom Line Show with Roger Marsh and it really is a blessing.

Jim Wells - Morning Host

Jim Wells is a dynamic media personality with over 25 years of radio broadcasting experience. His career began in 1999 as a producer for ESPN Radio. He later joined Kat Country 103 (KATM) in Northern California as a morning radio DJ and show producer. Additionally, he hosted a daily sports-talk radio program and worked as a play-by-play announcer for high school and collegiate sports.

Feeling called to Christian radio, Jim joined the Crawford Media Group in 2018 as a radio host and Assistant Operations Manager at KCBC in Northern California. By 2019, he became the Operations Manager while continuing his hosting duties at KCBC.

Jim has been the morning/afternoon on-air host at KBRITE since 2019, nurturing programs from 7 am to 3 pm. He grew up in Ceres, California, in a spirit-filled Christian home. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, camping, running, exploring the great outdoors, gardening, and performing music in local theater. Jim is also a skilled wedding and event DJ, specializing in Christian wedding receptions.

Reach out to Jim at:

Levi Flores - Evening Host

Throughout Levi’s life, radio and broadcasting have played a significant role in shaping his journey. Having grown up with a father who was a radio personality, he had the privilege of experiencing the industry firsthand. Witnessing the joy and passion his father found in the world of broadcasting, from the music to the work, inspired him to pursue a similar path.

Upon graduating from high school, he was appointed as a broadcaster for his Alma Mater, opening the door to numerous opportunities and ultimately leading him to his current position. He has since continued to thrive in sports broadcasting, working with various companies in California. Since 2021, Crawford Media Group has been his professional home.

As the Evening Host, Levi Flores is dedicated to bringing the audience God’s word and ensuring they stay Strong in the Word!

Mike Triem - KBRITE Sales and Crawford Denver GM

Mike Triem has been with Crawford Media Group since 1993. He started as an Account Representative for Christian Contemporary Music station, KLZ, before moving to Christian Teaching and Talk KLTT radio in 1995. Mike is currently the General Manager of Crawford Media Group’s Denver stations.

Mike has four children and is married, residing in Erie, Colorado. His interests include all things outdoors and exploring the beauty of God’s Creation in Colorado and Oregon.

Toni Cashman - Sales Manager

Toni Cashman joined Crawford Media Group in 2014. She was drawn to Crawford because of their mission to educate, motivate, and activate the body of Christ in California, leaving a legacy for many years to come.

When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and six sons, along with their three dogs and three cats. They enjoy as many outdoor activities as the weather permits. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, she enjoys reading books from all of the pastors on KBRITE.

Todd Stickler - Operations Manager

Todd Stickler has worked at KBRITE for 31 years!

Todd enjoys troubleshooting, solving problems, and taking care of the transmitter site.

Outside of KBRITE Todd enjoys hiking, fishing, and camping.

Theresa Kim - Marketing & Creative Director

Employee since 2021.

Theresa enjoys making connections, building relationships, and meeting new people from all different walks of life. She loves hearing their life stories and listening to them learn from their past mistakes while encouraging them to live out their purpose full-heartedly and grow God’s Kingdom.

Her work ethic and values were learned from her parents who taught her that life is short. They worked hard and showed their children that building a strong foundation is key. That meant working on herself which led her to Christ.

Her career in Marketing started years ago when she kept being asked to plan birthdays, weddings, and funerals. Once nominated as the ambassador of happiness, she navigated toward hosting international meetings, corporate conferences, and tradeshows. The amount of creativity it takes to run an event wasn’t enough. She needed to have grit and get her hands dirty. From lugging palettes, steaming linens, and putting tiles on the ground she is there to jump in and fill in the gaps. She has a servant’s heart and believes that no matter your title, be meek. She sees the bigger picture and faces the humble moments to get her where she needs to go with grace. “There’s no room for ego and pride,” she says as she quotes scripture. Proverbs 11:2 says, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”

When asked how she does it she responds, “When you have a great team like we do anything is possible. Together we can cut out all the unnecessary noise and useless processes to meet an outcome on time, on budget, and with total satisfaction from all parties involved.”

You can always catch her working with her hands and being creative with new concepts and ideas by consistently thinking outside the box to bring more value to the amazing team here at KBRITE and those around her. She says, “I prayed for this team and God always delivers in His time.”

She loves to sing and enjoys the outdoors. She enjoys photography, sewing, and serving.

She ends with, “My goal today is to make human connections and provide solutions for the needs of others while aligning with God’s purpose for me. Working for Crawford Media Group at KBRITE Radio allows me to do just that. Whether you’ve heard us on air or met us in person we’re all believers of Jesus Christ. Shout out to my colleagues who are the best team members in the industry!”

Crystal Castro - Social Media Manager

Crystal has always been drawn to media since she can remember, her love for the media industry spans back to her childhood.  That is why when attending university, she made sure her degree was in something she enjoyed, Communications (Advertising). Through her role at KBRITE, Crystal gets the opportunity to express her creativity on Social Media and gets to meet new people everyday.

Crystal grew up in the State of Georgia in a very small town. Crystal’s upbringing has helped her enjoy and excel in what she does here at Crawford Media Group. She carries her small hometown values with her and applies it to her craft. Above all, what drives Crystal to want to do things with excellence is her love for the Lord, she believes all that is done for the Lord should be done with excellence. Going the extra mile is what she deems as important. Crystal’s favorite bible verse is: Matthew 5:41, If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.

What drew Crystal to work for the Crawford Broadcasting Family was that it is deep rooted in God and Country Values. And… the fact that we air one of her favorite bible teachers, Dr. Charles Stanley.

Upon graduating from University, Crystal was seeking how to apply what she learned in school but for a position with a purpose. That’s when, after so much prayer, the Lord connected her with KBRITE Radio. Crystal enjoys that she can do what she learned in school for a living and loves that it is all for expanding the Kingdom of God. Her position here at KBRITE comes naturally to her since living out her Christian Faith, is her daily lifestyle. 

Joel Dominguez - Operations Assistant

Joel’s inspiration to work in radio began in his childhood. His father recorded their family’s daily interactions and singing on cassette tape. That intrigued Joel to work in recording audio in a variety of ways. He studied Radio Production at Fullerton College and interned at KBRITE for a semester. He enjoyed learning about and seeing first hand all the steps it takes to work for a live radio program that others can enjoy and be edified in. When the opportunity arose to work at KBRITE, Joel seized the chance and has been working for the team for 9 years. His favorite aspects of working for KBRITE include mixing programs together and hearing from listeners about how KBRITE encourages them in their Christian walk.

Budd Arnold - Website Manager

Budd Arnold started his journey with KBRITE in March 2024. Budd is a proud graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When not in front of the computer you can find Budd cooking in the kitchen, reading a book, or playing board games with his family.

Travis "TJ" Pander - Writer

Travis “TJ” Pander is the Director of Digital Media for Crawford Media Group West. He has a Bachelor’s in Business as well as an Associate in Music Production from the Academy of Contemporary Music @ UCO. TJ started his career in the US Air Force in Operations, and moved into a few positions after leaving the military, eventually starting a few businesses in the music industry and touring with bands as a player and engineer. While he and his wife were running a business that blended education with the NFT space, TJ stumbled on a need with Crawford Media Group for a writer and producer and has been here doing much more than that since.

TJ has a deep love for all things creative, especially within the digital marketing field and seriously enjoys worshipping on several instruments, sound engineering and commercial integration for houses of worship, and studying scripture and ancient history. He has three grown boys, one is a producer for KLZ Radio and two are in the military, as well as a teenage daughter at home. His wife Jamie is an entrepreneur and teacher and when the two of them are together there are sure to be shenanigans.

Heather Hanger - Office Manager

Heather originally started with Crawford Media Group in 1998. After taking a sabbatical to stay home with her 3 kiddos when they were small, she returned in 2008 and has been taking care of the administrative duties ever since.

While on a youth group field trip, Heather accepted Jesus as her personal savior at a Billy Graham Crusade. This decision helped her navigate a path that would blend her faith in Christ with her education in business at Crawford Media Group. She is thankful to work with other believers and to have a position that allows her to serve the Lord.

Outside of the office, Heather enjoys spending time with family and friends, camping, riding ATV’s and motorcycles and traveling whenever she can. She loves to explore God’s beautiful creation.

She is blessed to be part of the KBRITE team and looks forward to serving for many more years!

Liz Franzel - Executive Assistant/KLTT Radio Public Affairs Host

Liz enjoys the fact that each day has something different for her to do, whether it’s doing contracts, reports, or editing websites. Having a great boss makes coming to work fun for her and edifying. She really loves doing radio interviews because she gets to talk to people with so many different backgrounds and about so many different topics that bring light to issues going on in the world and how we can bring God’s agenda into it. “I love a good story!”

When not working Liz enjoys hiking, biking, golfing, playing tennis, driving in the mountains, traveling, getting together with family and friends, reading, watching great movies (rom-coms, true-life stories, comedies). She is friends with her three adult children and loves spending time with them. “I am blessed that we do a lot of fun things together!”