World Watch Today


Our Mission

To help build community within the Church of God by facilitating connection, encouraging conversations, and giving back.

Our Vision

A cohesive and dynamic Body of Christ with frequent fellowship, open communication, and active cooperation between members and staff of the various organizations that compose the Church of God.

It is important to note that CGN is not a church nor is it a membership organization that individuals and churches must join.


CGN is a nonprofit organization that works solely to build community within the Church of God and advocate for actions and attitudes that further that purpose. Additionally, CGN does not encourage individuals to send us their tithe. We do not seek to be in competition with Church organizations. Please direct your tithe to the organization of which you are a member.

Who We Serve

God’s Church is comprised of those who have God’s Spirit and are being led by His Spirit. Beyond that, CGN is not looking to define the Church of God. No one can determine who is in it and who is outside of it. That knowledge and judgement is God’s alone. With that in mind, it is important to clarify the population we serve.

CGN acknowledges the importance of the doctrinal differences between Church of God organizations and does not suggest that people compromise on matters of faith. Despite these differences, CGN believes there is common ground for fellowship and cooperation. God’s people share the same core, distinctive, fundamental understandings of God’s word. Below are 10 unique identifying beliefs of the Church of God as revealed in scripture. Though there are others, these are central. They are listed in no particular order of importance:

1. Christ’s Death & Resurrection

Christ’s death reconciled us to God, and His resurrection saved us from the penalty of the second death (once one accepts Christ as their personal savior).

2. Baptism

Total submersion water baptism and the laying on of hands by a minister is required to receive the Holy Spirit. A converted person is begotten at baptism and not born again until the resurrection. God’s Church does not practice infant baptism.

3. Repentance

Repentance is a necessity in the life of a Christian – both at baptism and ongoing as one sins – in order to develop God’s holy, righteous character.

4. The Bible

The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God (the Old and New Testaments).

5. 10 Commandments

God’s 10 Commandments, including the 7th day (Saturday) Sabbath, are in effect.

6. God’s Annual Holy Days & Passover

The Passover and God’s Holy Days outline God’s plan of salvation and are required observances:

  1. Days of Unleavened Bread (first and last days are Holy Days)
  2. Pentecost
  3. Feast of Trumpets
  4. Day of Atonement
  5. Feast of Tabernacles
  6. The Last Great Day (the eighth day of the Feast of Tabernacles)


7. Non-Observance of Holidays with Pagan Origins

The holidays associated with modern Christianity are influenced by pagan traditions and are not observed by the Church of God. This includes Easter, Christmas, and other similar religious observances whose origins do not derive from Biblical instruction. God specifically prohibits worshiping Him in ways other than those outlined in scripture.

8. No History of Unrepentant False Prophecies

While many Church of God organizations differ to some degree with regard to prophetic interpretation or speculative matters that aren’t clearly defined in scripture, some have a record of making specific, failed “prophecies” that they claim are directly from God. Any organization with an unrepentant record of these false prophecies will not be considered part of the community that Church of God Network serves. Scripture is clear when it comes to false prophets (see: Deuteronomy 18:20-22, Jeremiah 5:30-31, Matthew 7:15-20)

9. This is Not the Only Day of Salvation

Today, God is only calling the “first-fruits” and none can come to Jesus Christ, and be genuinely converted, unless the Father draws that individual. Eventually, every human being who has ever lived will have their chance to be called by God. In addition, heaven is not the reward of the saved, and there is no eternal burning Hell. There is no immortal soul. Upon death one simply awaits the resurrection; there is no consciousness in the grave.

10. The God Family

The ultimate purpose for mankind is to become part of the God family. God is reproducing Himself through mankind. The God family currently consists of God the Father and Jesus Christ. This conviction prohibits both belief in the trinity and that Jesus Christ was a created being.

11. The Coming Kingdom of God

Jesus Christ shall return as King of Kings, and He will intervene to save mankind from self-destruction. Mankind cannot solve its own problems. God’s Government, established by Christ at his coming, shall rule directly over the nations to bring about lasting world peace.