Truth for Life


The unique teaching of Alistair Begg is now internationally known as an inspiring source for clear, relevant instruction rooted firmly in the Scripture. Studying God’s Word each day, verse by verse, is the hallmark of this ministry.

Passionate about seeing unbelievers converted, believers established, and local churches strengthened, Truth For Life faithfully looks to God to proclaim His Truth through the program and to transform the lives of those who listen through His Spirit.

In 2009, driven by the desire to share the good news of the Gospel without cost as a barrier, the ministry made the entire Truth For Life teaching archive free for download at Since then, over 55 million messages have been downloaded.  Learn More


Request the engaging documentary film Revival and take a sweeping journey through church history to examine how God reinvigorates biblical faith in times of spiritual darkness. Narrated by pastors and church historians, the film explores England during the Reformation, America in 1734, Wales during the Evangelical Awakening, Northern Ireland in 1859, and the Scottish Hebrides in 1949.  Revival comes with both a DVD and streaming viewing option. The streaming option includes fourteen hours of bonus interviews, sermons, and conference sessions.

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Presented by Jeremy Walker. Featuring Geoff Thomas, Ian Hamilton, Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, Stuart Olyott and many more.