Never Buy Bottled Water Again!

On Tap Water Systems

of Southern California

Have you ever stopped to consider drinking water delivered costs up to two dollars a gallon?

Costing the average family forty dollars…fifty dollars…or more per month!

At On Tap Water you’ll get clean fresh purified drinking water right at your fingertips All you can drink! Just twenty one dollars a month…cancel anytime.

Christian owned, family owned On Tap Water.

Since 1982 On Tap Water has been providing Southern California high quality purified drinking water powered by Reverse Osmosis right at your home, apartment or business. These are trying times… Why worry about your drinking water? … Long lines?… empty shelves? Get all the water you can drink.

No contracts…just happy customers!

Twenty one dollars a month On Tap Water for home or business.
Call On Tap Water today and say KBRITE radio and receive your first month FREE!

Call 949.335.8888 for fresh water today!

Call Now: 949.335.8888

Lori Mullen of On Tap Water Systems on The Bottom Line program

Roger Marsh host of The Bottom Line - On Tap Water Systems

Roger Marsh, Host of The Bottom Line

On Tap Water Systems

of Southern California

Call 949.335.8888

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