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It was 1992 when, liberal and progressive voices, both secular and religious became loud and shrill, and even dominate. Those same liberals and progressives,

8/10/20 – Education

STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED! Unto God, first and then to humankind. Work men and work women, as the scriptures say, who are not

8/3/20 – Gave Them Over

WE THE PEOPLE, citizens of America privileged to be so, have been a free people in a free country for 244 years. Our freedom

7/27/20 The Vote:Your Vote

You will vote, won’t you? I refer of course to the critical elections which require your vote: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2020. The most critical,

4/20/20 – Vote

Are you planning to vote November 3, 2020, are you? If you love America, you better vote. Did you vote in 2018? Did you

7/13/20 – Church School Aid

WE THE PEOPLE so often forget that, in our presumed American democracy, our democratic way of life that we actually live in a republic

7/6/20 – Violence in America

THOU SHALT NOT KILL! So say the scriptures and so say I, don’t you? The thou means you, my fellow American. And the thou

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