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The Right Direction

Newport Bay Mortgage will steer you in the right direction toward the truth about reverse mortgages.

Owner, Cliff, enjoys educating every client and wants to debunk the misconceptions you may have heard.

You will see that an FHA approved reverse mortgage gives you financial freedom!

You can use it to pay bills, cover unexpected expenses, or watch your children and grandchildren enjoy themselves while you’re still alive.

Cliff informs you of the facts drawing from his forty years of reverse mortgage experience.

You must be 62 years or older for the FHA program and at least 55 for a conventional high-volume program. It does not affect any credit score points and can even be refinanced after one year!

Cliff stands by reverse mortgages and has one of his own that proves it!

When considering ways to enjoy your liquidity in, before or for retirement, you need Newport Bay Mortgage.

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