U Turn for Christ
U Turn for Christ Restoration

It's All About Jesus

U Turn for Christ works where other rehab programs fail because it’s all about Jesus.

Your heart breaks to see your loved one going down such a destructive path. Unless a miracle occurs, you fear that your loved one’s addiction could lead to prison or even death.

There is hope in Jesus.

After two months of discipleship and service, U Turn for Christ has seen thousands of people once addicted to drugs and alcohol become productive citizens, some serving in church leadership and others even becoming pastors and the glory goes to God alone.

It’s amazing to watch those who were lost, raising their arms in worship.

Their souls were hungry for what they didn’t have!

At U Turn for Christ, your loved one will learn to grab ahold of Jesus because it’s all about Him.

One Step Program

U Turn for Christ offers freedom from addiction found only in Jesus.

Through the Word of God alone, by the power of the Holy Spirit, thousands of men and women have found freedom from drugs and alcohol and a purpose for their lives.

Every morning for two months, your loved one will begin the day at six AM, sitting around a campfire at a local ranch with a Bible in hand. After breakfast, everyone leaves for volunteer work, providing free maintenance for local churches, feeding the hungry, and learning to give themselves away. After dinner, everyone gathers again at the ranch for a message from a guest pastor, followed by personal Bible study before bed.

During these two months of discipleship and service, men and women once ravaged by addiction fall in love with Jesus.

U Turn for Christ is not a twelve-step program. It’s a one step program: give your life to Christ and watch what He will do.

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