Introducing The Line of Fire with Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown is not new to Crawford Broadcasting but is to KBRITE Radio! Please join us in welcoming our new ministry program! Brown joins the weekday LIVE lineup starting with Steve Gregg from The Narrow Path at 2 PM, then in between is Dr. Michael Brown with The Line of Fire at 3 PM, followed by Roger Marsh on The Bottom Line Show at 3:30 PM.

Brown has a way of dissecting theology practically and keeps up to date with today’s topics. He is bold in his words and kind in his delivery. When speaking about what’s happening today in June he says, “Every time you see a Pride flag or display this month, let it be a reminder to pray for the mercy of God to touch all those who identify as LGBTQ+ and for them to experience the same repentance and forgiveness and transformation that you have as a follower of Jesus.”

Born in 1955 in New York City with a father who worked as a senior lawyer at the New York Supreme Court and a mother happily married, they had the “perfect family”. It wasn’t until he was 8 and wanted to be a drummer. Not just any drummer, a famous rock drummer and idolized their lifestyle and bad choices. It wasn’t until he was about 16 years old that something changed. He says, “God’s goodness and patience overcame my stubbornness, my pride, my sinful habits, and my religious misunderstandings. By the end of 1971, I was a new man! The heavenly Father intervened in my affairs, making me know that I was guilty in his sight, exposing the corruption of my heart, and showing me a new and better way.”

Read more about how he was found in the middle of the road with his hands up, higher than a kite, and nearly hit by a car. Was he really burning in hell like he thought?

Stay tuned because you won’t want to miss it! For more information check out his page here.