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Don't Wait

Show the same care for yourself that you would show to a loved one: Don’t wait.

You weren’t expecting to get hurt today. You had plans; you were in a hurry!
So you think to yourself you’ll wait until tomorrow. Maybe your neck will feel better by then.

But imagine that your kids or grandkids got into an accident. You wouldn’t ask them to wait a few days.

You’d tell them to go straight to the emergency room for an MRI to make sure they don’t have any serious injuries.

Give yourself the same, wise advice: Don’t wait.

Stefanie Cover of Cover Law knows how insurance companies think. She used to work for them! They will try to argue that you’re not really hurt. By delaying even a day or two, you could lose your credibility in a Personal Injury case.

So stop what you’re doing, and go to the doctor.

Hopefully, you’re fine!
But in the event of long-lasting injuries, you will need immediate, documented proof.

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More Money, Less Time

You need the money now!

KBRITE’s personal injury attorney, Stefanie Cover of Cover Law, relieves the pressure you feel to cash out immediately. Remember why you need this money in the first place: to pay your medical bills so that you may recover fully from your injuries.

After twenty years working as an attorney for some of the major carriers, Stefanie has seen how insurance companies will try to pay out as little as possible even on legitimate claims! When given the opportunity, they will intentionally create delays, hoping that you will settle for less.

Because of her experience with insurance companies, Stefanie almost always wins the maximum amount for her clients but you need to trust her with the timeline. In most cases, once the opposing attorneys realize that Stefanie used to have their job, they will give up the fight and pay out sooner.

Rest assured that you will receive the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

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Cover Law: She Knows the Other Side!

Reach Stefanie now: 877.214.4935
Or visit the Cover Law website.

Reach Stefanie Directly: 877.214.4935

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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

The personal injury and wrongful death services of Cover Law go beyond mere legal representation.

Cover Law recognizes that each client is a person with unique circumstances and we evaluate each case with care and consideration.

They thoughtfully pursue solutions for the client in line with their particular needs;

not just their legal, medical and financial needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs as well.

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For disability assistance with online Public File, contact: Todd Stickler 714-754-4450

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