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You got hit by a car and you didn’t file a police report.
Now, the person that hit you is changing the story!

Anytime you get in an accident, always file a police report first, and then, while it’s fresh in your mind call Stefanie Cover!

When you don’t have proper documentation it might as well not have happened! By calling Stefanie Cover first you have a better chance at getting the fair value for your case.

Stefanie knows exactly where the holes in your argument are because she’s worked for the other side. She knows what excuses the insurance companies will use to avoid paying you the fair value for your case showing up in her office a year after the accident, without documentation is a wonderful excuse for them to give you next to nothing.

Save yourself the hassle and do it right, from the get go with personal injury attorney Stefanie Cover.

Save her number in your phone right now or give her a call to set up a consultation 877.214.4935 or fill out the form on this page.

Stefanie Cover, she knows the other side.

Reach Stefanie now: 877.214.4935
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Reach Stefanie Directly: 877.214.4935

Visit the Cover Law website, or fill out the form above

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

The personal injury and wrongful death services of Cover Law go beyond mere legal representation.

Cover Law recognizes that each client is a person with unique circumstances and we evaluate each case with care and consideration.

They thoughtfully pursue solutions for the client in line with their particular needs;

not just their legal, medical and financial needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs as well.