About The Crawford Stand


It was 1992 when, liberal and progressive voices, both secular and religious became loud and shrill, and even dominate. Those same liberals and progressives, often radical, were determined to change the old, the tried and proven America which we love. We determined as a matter of company policy that we would stand up, and do our very best to protect, preserve and defend the America in which we believed and which we loved.

We have the same love, conviction, and determination to protect the freedoms, principles, and ideals of the very exceptional AMERICA.

We, therefore, took a STAND for GOD AND COUNTRY!

In a world turning ever aggressively secular and both antireligious and anti-Christian, we were determined to stand up for the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition and for the Christ of Glory. The Crawford Broadcasting Company strongly believes in core Christian values, biblical truths and the priority of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are determined that the true and right evangelical positions of Christianity will be championed through the Stand and through our company’s programming.

We are strong believers and defenders of the CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS AND DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

We firmly believe in the Rule of Law, justice and fairness, a limited federal government and the concept of federalism which protects states’ rights to the fullest. We defend those principles unabashedly.

Our commentaries, stands, and statements of policies are straight and aggressive. We fear no government or man. Our stands reflect our principles which we will defend at all times. We are open to suggestions and especially criticism and we welcome dialogue with respect to the great issues of our day both religious and secular.


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